Pjaca ( National square )


Pjaca (Narodni trg, another square that no one in Split calls by its real name), was first mentioned in the 13th century as Shirina sv. Lovre, and is the first inhabited part of Split outside Diocletian's Palace, along whose western wall is located. For centuries, the Pjaca has been the central stage of city life, where in the Gothic building of the old town hall (today the exhibition space ), was the government, in the still beautiful and preserved palaces along the edges of the Pjaca lived noble families Cambj, Pavlovich, Nakich, Ciprianis, Karepich. .. There is also one of the oldest still open bookstores in the world, Morpurgo, which still looks almost the same as it did in 1861, and in the Central Café where Split intellectuals gathered is the beginning of Split tourism, with the former Hotel Troccoli. For centuries, Pjaca has had a city clock, unique in its 24 instead of 12 digits, and in the surrounding cafes, restaurants and cafes, the people of Split have always found a place to rest, meet, a place where they could see and be seen, search the most important events in the city. Each building on the Pjaca has its own story, each is a witness to history and the city spirit. So it was yesterday, so it is today, when the Pjaca is filled with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops, and when it has become one of the most important points for tourists who want to enjoy what their hosts, the people of Split, enjoy.

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Ul. Iza Lože 1, 21000, Split


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very good!!!
Nice square with several restaurants. We had a cup of coffee there, street musicians played, and on the whole we had a pleasant time.
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