Fruit Square


Believe it or not, this square, perhaps the most beautiful in the city, is better known among the people of Split for its unofficial than the official name Trg braće Radić. Its name can be attributed to the fact that there used to be a noisy and colorful market where women from the surrounding villages sold fruit. Vegetables were sold in the neighboring square, located west of Fruit Square.

There are several important sights in this small square that flourishes with life in cafes, restaurants and exclusive shops, and where fairs are often held. The largest is certainly the octagonal Venetian tower, the remnant of a former fortress, built in the 15th century to defend the then small town. Opposite the tower is the magnificent palace of the old Milesi family from the 17th century with a spectacular baroque facade, one of the best examples of this style in all of Dalmatia.

In front of it, on the other hand, is a monument to the father of Croatian literature, Marko Marulich from Split, who was one of the most important thinkers and intellectuals of the 15th century. The author of the monument, like several others in the city, is Ivan Meshtrovich. That, of course, is not all, because every stone on the Fruit Square, as well as on other old town squares, tells the history it witnessed, until the earliest days, whose "representative" is the southwest tower of Diocletian's Palace at the exit from the Fruit Square on the Riva ( Promenade) .

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