Matejuska port


Matejushka has been a port for boats of Split fishermen for centuries, and the inhabitants of Veli Varosh went to the sea from there to feed their families. Dozens of boats are still moored there today, nets are being dried, baits are being prepared and sold, and there is a monument to fishermen nearby, a large hook. Matejushka is also known for socializing lovers with its smells and sounds, you will be able to see them in a good mood gathered around the grill where the catch is baked from that day, often with song and wine. Matejushka's chronicler Edo Shegvich, who a few years ago was the author of the port renovation project, says that Matejushka, despite the growth and development of the city, has remained an oasis of preserved tradition and occupies a special place in the hearts of the people of Split. Among the many stories from Matejushka, the one about Rok and Cicibela, poor fishermen who lived in a fishing boat, living from occasional work and indestructible love, is especially touching.

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