Veli Varos


Veli Varos and Luchac in a "historical sandwich" hold the core of the city of Split, competing for the title of the oldest suburb.
Veli Varos abounds in excellently preserved folk architecture and original folk ambiences. Veli Varos should be walked slowly uphill on several occasions, in order to notice the remaining play of stones of its steep alleys and to absorb the impression of looking at the roofs from the First Viewpoint.
Among the architectural monuments, the most famous is the Church of St. Mikula from XI. century, on whose portal, in addition to the figures of lionesses, are the names of the citizen Ivan and his wife Tiha. Let us mention once again the church of Our Lady of Soca, the Holy Cross, Saint Francis, which adorns Veli Varos.
Until recently, Veli Varoš was a symbol of Split fishermen who lived miserably on everyday sardines (Split watercolor, operetta by Ivo Tijardovich), while today his apartment square is sold for gold.

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