Iron Gate


Their Roman, original name is PORTA OCCIDENTALIS, and they are the only one of all four through which life has circulated throughout 17 centuries of Split's history. As they opened on the first day, they witnessed all the changes the city has gone through since Roman times, through the Middle century to the modern times, all the authorities and influences,still, to the present days to ring the bells of the Renaissance clock to greet his city and his citizens of Split.

On the lintel once stood a relief of Nika, the Roman goddess of victory, but as early as the fifth century Christians engraved a cross in its place as their symbol. In the eleventh century, the church of Our Lady of the Bell Tower was built above the door, originally dedicated to St. Theodore, with a beautiful early Romanesque bell tower. In the Middle Ages, the space inside the door was used as a courtroom, and until only fifty years ago there was an empire of small shops.

All this historical dynamics is still present today, with housing in the walls of the gate, the bell tower, part of the Roman guard promenade with a beautiful view of the decumanus and the People's Square, and a special attraction is the city clock with 24 instead of 12 digits. Next to the door is one of the most beautiful aristocratic palaces in Split, which belonged to the Cipriani Benedetti family, and which is adorned with two unique six-arched windows.

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