Silver Gate


Porta orientalis is their Roman name. Through them, the main street, decumanus, entered the palace in an east-west direction, all the way to the Iron Gate, and today to the Piazza, the central town square.

The Silver Gates were more modestly decorated than the Golden ones, and from the Middle Ages until 1952 they were closed, and then, with the demolition of the Baroque church of Dušica, they were thoroughly reconstructed. Remains of octagonal towers are visible next to the door, so it is easy to imagine the beauty of the construction and the power of control over the entrance door from the north, east and west. Entering through this door, passers-by still have the opportunity to walk on the original ancient sidewalk on the decumanus, which was once passed by Diocletian's subjects.

The Silver Gate has recently adorned its layered history with the greatest event for all Catholics in Split, when Pope John Paul II passed through it in 2000, admiring the beauty of the Cathedral of St. Dujam in which he later prayed.

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