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Diocletian's Palace in Split is one of Croatia's main landmarks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fascinating place to explore. If, however, you think of a palace like Versailles, think again because it is actually more like a city within a city.

Emperor Diocletian was the most prominent contribution of Dalmatia to the Roman Empire. When he retired to his birthplace (Salona, ​​near Split), he decided to build this monumental fortified palace.

It began in 295 and for ten years supervised the extraction of stone from neighboring island of Brach and the construction of its palace. It measures 215 m from east to west and the walls are 26 m high. Located between classical and medieval Christian civilization, Diocletian's Palace is an integral part of all the styles that preceded it.

The palace is today a commercial and residential center, a development dating back to the 7th century when nearby residents fled to a walled palace to avoid barbarian invaders.

The symmetrical layout of the building with two intersecting streets is classic, but most of the palace reflects the eclecticism of late antiquity. Partly an imperial villa and partly a fortified camp, the palace is remarkable for its variety of shapes, which include an octagonal domed mausoleum (Cathedral of St. Domnius), a rectangular temple of Jupiter, a cruciform lower level of the Vestibule and circular temples to Cybele and Venus. The vast Roman Empire of late antiquity easily absorbed foreign influences, visible in the Egyptian sphinxes in front of Jupiter’s temple and mausoleum, restored as the Cathedral of Sts. Dujma.

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(16 reviews)
very good!!!
We enjoyed eating in the restaurants and also shopping inside. Its built well both inside and outside and the lighting is great at night.
the walls are imposing and grand the whole Palace reads of a once formidable roya time. and the pla event near the sea speaks of a love of nature and its beauty. I saw all these when I visited the Palace its beauty is seen when you exclude the bustle around you to appreciate the structure alone
Touring around the palace is exceptional with the sight of amazing interior designs and decoration breathtaking. It is like a city within a city and i enjoyed the architectural structures of the palace with towers and other fantastic buildings. I was stunned by the rich history of the place and the city. I enjoyed my visit and tour around the palace through the various sites where filming of the famous Games of Throne television series happened. The touch of the ancient structure is mesmerizing and would recommend a visit to the place to everybody and mostly Game of Thrones lovers.
The palace is remarkable for its various shapes which include an octagonal domed mausoleum. The interior designs of the palace were an eye catcher. What i loved most about the palace is how well lit it was during the night. My friends were delighted to find both a eating and shopping base in one place. It is a great place to visit.
Touring around the palace and analyzing the interior decoration was intersting. I was similarly amazed by the huge towers and enormous size of the palace.
I visited the palace to witness the site for the famous Game of thrones filming and I loved it. The tour around was awesome and fun.
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