Pozhega is the pearl of the "Golden Valley", located in the heart of the valley surrounded by Psunj, Papuk, Krndija, Dilje and Pozhega Mountain. It is a city with 26,403 inhabitants, with almost eight centuries of written history, but for which archaeological research also confirms traces of living in prehistory.
This town was first mentioned back in 1227, when the Pozhega fortress became a royal estate. Pozhega played an important role in the Middle Ages, but also in modern Slavonia. It is the seat of Pozhega County, the Ottoman sanjak, and after the expulsion of the Ottomans in 1688, it became a significant cultural center. The first Slavonian gymnasium school was founded in Pozhega in 1699, and from 1763 to 1774 the Academia Possegana also operated. Pozhega experienced its greatest renaissance in the 18th century. Pozhega craftsmen founded guilds and were the bearers of the economic life of the city. Schools, a pharmacy, a post office were established in the city, and the development of banking began.
The name "Slavonian Athens" was given to Pozhega in the 19th century when numerous cultural societies were founded, many of which are still active today.

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