The municipality of Kutjevo is located among the hills in the corner, after which it got its present name ("kut" is a corner in Croatian). Today Kutjevo has 6,267 inhabitants.
Kutjevo is known for almost eight centuries of tradition of growing vines on the slopes of Krndija and the production of quality wines, today widely known and world-famous Kutjevo Graševina, gray and white Pinot, Traminer and Rhine Riesling.
The Kutjevo wine cellar was built by the Cistercians when they came to this area in 1232.
After the expulsion of the Ottomans, the estates of Kutjevo belonged to the Jesuits of Požega with the obligation to support the Požega gymnasium. In 1734, the Jesuits built the church of St. Mary in Kutjevo. After the Jesuits, the Kutjevo estate belonged to the state, and from 1873 to the Turković family. The Turković family started archiving Kutjevo wines, which is why the Kutjevo cellar is today an unavoidable place for every wine lover.
The Lipizzaner stallion breed from 1873 is well known.
Today, equestrian races are held in Kutjevo.

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