Kaptol is located below the slopes of Mount Papuk. In the west there is famous Velika spa, in the east the famous Kutjevo cellars, and in the south the capital of Pozhega County. There is a castle on Kaptol itself, where excavations and minor renovations have recently taken place.According to the last census from 2011, the municipality of Kaptol had 3,449 inhabitants, distributed in 10 settlements: Alilovci, Beshinci, CHeshljakovci, Doljanovci, Golo Brdo, Kaptol, Komarovci, Novi Beshinci, Podgorje and Ramanovci.The most famous inhabitants of Kaptol throughout history are the writers Napoleon Shpun Strizhich and Vilim Korajac. The culture in Kaptol is quite emphasized through various events and manifestations that take place in the firemen's hall. It is especially important to emphasize the Czech minority, which also has its own hall and is very active in this field.

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very good!!!
My wife brought me here to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We visited the historical sights and we were amazed by the rich culture of this place. We booked a number ce hotel where we were given a cozy room and the staff was friendly and welcoming.
The old ruins were really something to look at. The old design was very idealistic by the architects during that time, i loved how maintained it was. It was a lovely site
The fact that the people at Kaptol have held onto their culture was something that caught my eye. I visited different cultural events where I learned about the diverse cultures of the community. The architectural art at the Czech minority was something to marvel at
I learned about the history of the famous writers of Kaptol who were Vilim korajac and Napoleon Shpun Strizchich.I visited the Velika spa and trust me I got the most remarkable experiences, from the sauna to the body massage was just heaven on earth. Had a wonderful experience touring this place.
Just located below the slopes of Mount Papuk, this town is absolutely lovely. I visited its castle. It is quite old and it was in a ruins but renovations were taking place but still maintaining its uniqueness and authenticity. It's Such a small but lovely town.
I visited this town and I had an amazing hiking experience. Its historical castle lies in ruins but one could relive the moments by picturing its structural plan. I loved the view of the city from the top the hill. It was splendid.