Papuk is a mountain in Slavonia, the northeastern region of Croatia, on the very edge of the Pozhega Valley. The highest peak is Papuk with heights slightly less than 1000 meters. Papuk has been a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers since the mid-19th century, when a local nobleman had a vision and began creating a nature park on Papuk around Lake Jankovac. Since then, hikers and mountaineers from all over Slavonia have visited Papuk enjoying the spring waters and reviving the dense forest. On the mountain is the first Croatian geological monument of nature, called Rupnica. The dense forests of Papuk are a habitat and shelter for deer, roe deer, wild boar, foxes and martens.Papuk waters are also intriguing and dynamic. Namely, mountain streams are home to specific species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and aquatic invertebrates. Papuk has several water sources - Chadavica, Karasica and Pakra - which contribute to the attractiveness of this area, as well as freshness in the warm summer months. Another tradition on Papuk is viticulture, so the southern slopes of Papuk are full of neat vineyards maintained by local winegrowers.The freshness of the Papuk forests hides the remains of seven ancient cities. Most of the fortresses date from the 13th century, the period of the Ottoman invasion. Papuk Nature Park offers the pleasure of discovering the mountains and waterfalls of Slavonia. A simple desire to travel is all you need to get here because the area is mild, suitable for recreation and does not require special equipment or skills.

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My colleagues and I enjoyed hiking this beautiful location as we took the different forms of life. We saw a deer, roe deer, wild boar, foxes, and martens during our climbing. They were tense moments, which made the whole process more fun.
I toured the beautiful vineyard at the southern slopes of the location and was awed by the amount of growth and quality of the grapes. The wine produced from this location was of the highest quality. I will visit again soon with my wife.
My hiking experience in this town was so spectacular. I enjoyed hiking its mountains. The forests are dense with numerous streams one could fish. During my hiking I saw several deers which was so magical and memorable.
I enjoyed my experience within this forest. It was like a treasure hunting experience. Seeing the remains of some ancient city was mesmerizing. The are are plenty of captivating things within this forest such as waterfalls among others.
The streams from the mountain really produced ambient sounds for meditation and yoga, my team and i climbed to the top to experience next level spiritual experience, the surrounding environment was fantastic, filled with vineyards and hills far beyond
The mountain was very good for nature walk, the thick forests showed a lot of wildlife, i saw a deer and wild boar for the first time in my life and also water coming direct from the sources, it was an enlightening journey
As a number one fun of hiking, I enjoyed cool moments as part of my body exercise. Its rich history on the other side explains why its has been a good place for the mountain climber lovers. It's the best place for nature.