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Far from the main roads and cities, in areas that still adorn the preserved environment, and man lives in harmony with nature, ethno-villages began to emerge. Stara Kapela, located in the heart of Brod-Posavina County, in a small valley between the gentle hills is a special pearl of rural tourism.

In the evening you are lulled to sleep by peace and quiet. In the morning you are awakened through the window by the singing of birds and the singing of a rooster. No car trumpets or cell phones ringing, because in the Eco-Ethno Village Stara Kapela there is no cell phone signal... This is the story of Stara Kapela, a small Slavonian village located in the embrace of Pozheshka gora, about forty kilometers from Slavonski Brod and Nova Gradishka.

The village has a long tradition, and its historical roots go back to 1275, when there was a fortress here - the town of Potok, owned by the nobles Gorjanski. A village scattered on the surrounding hills developed near the fortress. The Ottomans invaded these areas in the 15th and 16th centuries and took most of the population into slavery. With the uprising of Fr. Luka Ibrishimovich in the second half of the 17th century, the Ottomans were expelled, and the village became part of the Military Frontier.
The present appearance of Stara Kapela was taken over by the village in 1760, when it descended into the valley by order of Empress Maria Theresa.

Until a few years ago, the village was "sleeping", but now it has become a unique tourist destination in the area of ​​Slavonia. Rich ethnological material was collected, objects that were used in the everyday life of older generations to revive the spirit of past times.

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