The Brlic House


The Brlich family moved to Slavonski Brod in the first half of the 18th century. The family had two houses, first one on today's Holy Trinity Square, then the second one on today's Ivana Brlich-Mazhuranich Square (then Trg bana Jelachicha no. 5) where in 1799 Andrija Antun Brlich built a high family house. This house burned down in 1882, and in 1885 Ignjat Brlich built a new representative civic house for his sons Vatroslav and Dobroslav on the same site, which still exists today. The house on the ground floor had a space for a shop, and an apartment for the family upstairs, where Ivana Brlich-Mazhuranich also lived, marrying Vatroslav Brlich in 1892. The owner of the house today is Bozhichko Mohachek, son of Ivana's daughter Neda Brlich. On the ground floor of the house today is the Art Salon of Vladimir Becich.

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Ul. Ante Starčevića 8, 35000, Slavonski Brod


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