The municipality of Cacinci is located in the southeastern part of Virovitica-Podravina County. It is one of the largest in this county. With its nature, relief, geological composition of the soil, climatic and hydrological characteristics, vegetation and fauna, it has a special significance in Virovitica-Podravina County. Beekeeping has been present in this area since ancient times. The area of the municipality of Cacinci is one of the few areas in the Republic of Croatia that allows two abundant pastures per year. The grazing season begins around April 15 in rapeseed fields, followed by grazing on black locust and at the end of the flowering cycle around June 15 on chestnut and linden.

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An escape from the city is how I can best describe it. Clean fresh air, and generally good weathers makes it a wonderful destination to visit. The locals are willing to teach and explain a thing or two about what the activities they do, it was fun learning a bit about local beekeeping methods. In all, an interesting experience.
very good!!!
As an agriculture expert i was delighted to learn about the different beekeeping methods and ways of harvesting the honey, also how the activity has been commercialised . I also visited the grazing fields which were a great resource to me especially in knowing the kind of grazing used. My trip to this municipal was very educative.
I had a wonderful experience at this place watching birds. The lake had rare species of birds. I watched them and I was able to identify some of them. The air around the lake was fresh filled with sweet scent of flowers.The lush green vegetation was cool and I loved long walks in the woods which was refreshing.