Velika is an old settlement, as evidenced by the found Roman tombs and money. Upon entering Velika, one can not miss the view of the town of Velička, located on the south side of Lapjak at an altitude of 447 m. It is a well-preserved medieval defense tower, probably from the 13th century. The arrival of the Franciscans in Velika is mentioned around 1576. The Franciscans had their own monastery and the church of St. Augustine. Velika is mentioned in the 17th century as a significant Christian, ecclesiastical and educational center of Slavonia, because it has a monastery school, novitiate and seminary. Today's church of St. Augustine is a Gothic church intersected by a baroque arch, with a bell tower 41 m high, which has embrasures. Due to the historical significance of the parish church and the great cultural needs of the locals, many tourists and weekenders, in 1974 a department of the Diocesan Museum of the Zagreb Archdiocese was established and opened in the church with valuable church exhibits and other valuable items related to the work and life of believers in this region. Gothic-Baroque Church of St. Augustine and the old town are illuminated at night, which certainly contributes to the natural beauty of this area, the beauty of the atmosphere, but above all contributes to highlighting the value of the cultural and historical heritage of Velika.Nowdays Velika has the status of a municipality and has 5,605 inhabitants.Velika was, and still is a rich cultural center that nurtures folklore heritage, Slavonian customs and a special folk costume of Velika.

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very good!!!
The place is rich of history and culture which makes it ideal for anyone who loves history. I visited the church of st. Augustine where I was fascinated by the baroque architectural art and design. The sermon was spiritually elevating .
I loved the forested part of this place. I took long walks into the forest. I loved the quietness and the smell of wet soil was soothing. The fresh air was amazing. I loved to listen to birds chipping and I could hear an owl hooting at a distance. It was an amazing experience I had here.
Visiting Velika was worth it in every way, getting to experience and learn the cultures of the locals through sightseeing and historical facts in the museum. The evenings are just splendid and beautiful, a great place to just visit.