Pleternica is known in its history as a market, educational and cultural center. Today, Pleternica is a city with 11,286 inhabitants that nurtures its rich cultural and historical heritage, which is best reflected in the days of "Lidas".Pleternica was first mentioned in 1270 under the name of St. Nicholas, and this saint is still the patron saint of this city. It is written that the school in Pleternica was founded in 1779, and the Voluntary Fire Brigade in 1892. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Singing Society, the Croatian Sokol and the Croatian Reading Room and Library Association were founded.Today, Pleternica is well-connected and economically stronger, turning primarily to the wood industry. Nature lovers can walk around the surrounding hills, glades and forests, opting for hunting or fishing or other attractions of rural tourism.

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As a nature and hiking lover, this place was just heaven earth. I hiked on the hills and the beauty of the untouched nature that made the place alive was marvellous, took several pictures. I made some unforgettable memories here.
I was on a business trip to this town and the economic development here is awe inspiring. I got to learn several new market trends that i later modified them and applied them back home. It was very educative.
The town is rich in cultural and historical heritage. The wood industry is so immense and it produces amazing and quality furnitures, I ordered a great wall unit for my library. It was exciting being here.
We toured this place with my fiance. We loved the hotel which was set up in the nice quiet countryside. We enjoyed listening to the chipping birds as we enjoyed a lazy afternoon on our balcony. The sunsets were beautiful and the evening breeze was refreshing. A romantic place indeed.
A cultural center with other amazing place and thing to witness and love about. The history of the place is interesting as well as the nature of the place with amazing forest and hills that creates a good place to have several activities and atmosphere is great. We went for hunting at the forest and the experience was unique with amazing things that fascinated me.
very good!!!
We went for a nature walk around the surrounding hills as we gasped the fresh air and the pleasant warm air around. During our walk we admired the green forests that portray the magical beauty of mother nature. Engaging in hunting activity is one of my unforgettable moments during my stay here.