Brestovac Pozheshki, a town 6 km away from Pozhega, is today a municipal center and the center of roads of county importance. It is mentioned as early as 1302, 1336, and then in 1445, 1534 and 1535. This land was first owned by the city guards or "jobagions", and later by the noble family Cernica Desislavichi and others.The fortified aristocratic town was located further up the hill and was called Brestovac or Oštri kamen. In 1332, documents mention the parish with the church of Sv. Martina, which was restored in 1760 and still stands on the old site. During the Ottoman rule, Croats lived here, of which only one family has survived to this day. From the 18th century until today, there have been many immigrants to this area of the Pozhega valley.

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very good!!!
The town is rich in historical backgrounds which is ideal for history lovers. The phenomenal documents about the history of the town are well kept and presented in the great museums in the town. This is a great place to visit.
This place and a rich cultural and historical heritage which we found at the museum. The historical artifacts were amazing. Our guide was able to explain about the various monuments that were at this place. The tour to this museum added more knowledge about this place that we needed to know about.
The place has a lot of interesting things to learn and experience from history, I enjoyed the tour looking at the historical sites in the area. A beautiful place to visit.