Cernik has been inhabited since ancient times (Neolithic settlements on the Slavcha hill and in Cernichka Shagovina - Starchevo culture). Within the province of Panonia Savia, the Romans ruled this area for four centuries (Roman finds in Baćindol and Podvrshko).
In historical sources, Cernik is mentioned in 1255, and in written documents from 1363. The noble estate in the 16th century had about twenty villages, and in 1520 by royal charter it became a market town (annual fair on the day of St. Francis).
The Cernik area is suitable for the development of livestock, viticulture, fruit growing and the production of organic food. Back in Ottoman times, it was already known for quality butter, fruit and wine.

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very good!!!
It was an insightful educative experience, i learnt of the rich history of Cernik. How the Romans ruled it in four centuries and that it is written in documents. We also bought fruits, organic food , quality butter and wines to take with us back home.
This place has been inhabited since the neolithic period. We could still see some neolithic settlements. It's a small town. Its architectural planning is amazing and lovely. I enjoyed visiting this place
We visited the farms around the village and had a great time watching the animals breed at the farms. It was superb having a taste of the freshly picked fruits from the farm too and it was joyful trip to the place,
The historical sites here bring out the cool history of the place. It was awesome knowing about the how it was during the ancient times.