Pakrac is located in the valley of the river Pakra in western Slavonia, 26 km northeast of Novska. It was first mentioned in 1237 as a settlement on the list of Ivanovo estates under the name Pekriz.Accommodation in Pakrac gives the city a transit-tourist significance.Important sacral buildings from the XVIII. century are located in the historic center of the city, where the court of Baron Trenk, and the remains of one of the first mints in Croatia, the so-called. Spahijski podrum. In addition to numerous historical buildings in the center of the city during the war in 1991 and 1992, the church of Sv. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of St. Duha et al.The economic basis is agriculture, viticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, wood and construction industry.The river Pakra and the nearby mountains Psunj and Ravna gora are places for recreation in the immediate vicinity. A special feature of the Pakrac region are many Italian settlements in which Italian customs, language and cuisine (Italian salami) are preserved.

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very good!!!
If you want to have fun this is the town to visit. My buddies and I spent our vacation here and we couldn't get enough of the bars and clubs here. The discos were always full and we danced till morning enjoying our cocktails and beers. It's a very lively town.
I and my children always come to this town to bond. there are lots of fun activities. The thermal spas and swimming pools are just heavenly. The kids usually have a blast at the water slides. We always have a terrific time.
This town is a hiker's paradise. I and the boys had a great time hiking in the parks and we enjoyed watching the beautiful swans, ducks, herons, hawks, and majestic horses. The woodlands were very quiet and peaceful. I really had a relaxing time.
I always recall my trip to this town. I loved taking walks in its lovely parks. The massive trees and blooming flowers were the perfect backdrop for me to enjoy a book. Its a very serene town.
There are lots of interesting sights to visit. We really loved visiting the castles with my friends. Very nice paintings and history about this town. The majestic trees outside were perfect for pictures. I highly recommend it.
My family visited this town and we fell in love with it. We particularly loved the farm visits where we could cuddle the horses and even ride them. My children loved it. We can't wait to visit again.