The name Garesnica is indicated by a legend from the 12th century. During the great invasion of the Tatars and Mongols, the inhabitants guarded themselves by lighting fires with guards at elevated places, and they would leave the "gar" (soot). So says the legend, but the facts are somewhat different.The town of Garesnica, with this status since 1997, is located in the northeastern part of Moslavina, cut in the shape of a triangle between the eastern slopes of Moslavachka gora.

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very good!!!
We visited this town with my kids. They learned a lot by visiting the iconic museums that had beautiful collections. The guides here were super friendly.
There are lots of beautiful fortresses and castles in this town. I enjoyed taking walks as I admired the unique architectural styles and other historical monuments. I look forward to bringing my family here.
My partner and I visited Gareshnica and the trip was memorable. We visited the beautiful churches and cathedrals to pray and meditate. The pictures we took outside the magnificent buildings are very spectacular.
The aerial view of the town is amaizing, it is fascinating how its shape is almost of a triangle. The infrastructure is also well advanced and one can get all the necessary amenities in the town. It's a great view from up there.
I learned about the history of the town and and the legend of how the inhabitants used fire as a way to guard themselves at night. The locals are very industrious and welcoming. I made great friends here.
The hotel rooms had thoughtful amenities and general comfort facilities which was a factor that i considered when booking. At night my fiance and i loved to chill in the hot tub while having a great and tasty red wine. The services provided are of a high quality.