Lipik is a small town on the right bank of the river Pakra with 6,175 inhabitants. Archaeological finds confirm the existence of Roman baths. The Jankovich family is responsible for the renaissance of Lipik as a health and tourist destination.
At the end of the 19th century, a neo-baroque park was formed around the spa buildings. This historical core, the heart of Lipik, which was created for centuries around the thermo-mineral waters by members of the Viennese and Pest court, and the people of Lipik gave it a soul was destroyed in the Homeland War, but was restored because Lipik is proud of its history, culture and tradition. The water of Lipik spa has a constant temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, and the chemical composition consists of: flour, sodium, potassium, calcium hydrocarbons. Lipik Spa was and is a health resort at the European level.
The Lipik region is also known for the breeding of beautiful and esteemed Lipizzaner horses in nearby Izidorovac, where Izidor Jankovich started breeding them at the beginning of the 19th century. There are opportunities for hunting and fishing in this area, and good road and rail connections attract many hikers and tourists.

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very good!!!
The phenomenal architectural structure in Lipik are intresting and fascinating. Couldn't keep my eyes off the churches and cathedrals with their amzing work art.
The beautiful water bodies provided the amazing serene environment for relaxation and and it was refreshing to visit the place.
We visited the churches and cathedrals and had the peaceful prayer and cleansing that had me feeling rejuvinated and closer in my spiritual journey.
I had alot of fun in the pools while swimming and enjoyed myself with my friends on the wonderful complexes available. Unforgettable moments.
We toured around the town and had the chance of visiting the different beautiful historical sites that are amazing from the appearances and the amazing historic stories that are mindblowing.
The famous fountains and the monuments around the town were amazing landmarks to visit and was awesome to also meet other people there with picture taking and having fun.