The area of Novska was the property of Countess Katarina Svetachka, until the invasion of the Turks (beginning in 1530), and then a property of Christopher II. In 1540, he became an Ottoman vassal. Realizing that he could not keep his estates, he handed over to the sultan his four forts, among them Novska, back then called Wyvar. During the Ottoman campaign and the fall of the most famous fortress in this area - Kraljeva Velika - in 1544, Novska completely fell under Ottoman rule, and at that time the church of St. Demetrius was destroyed.The urban structure of Novska was given an outline in the 18th century, primarily by the settlement of Krajishka road, which was built by Empress Maria Theresa, and after that by the construction of residential buildings on both sides of the Novljanchica stream. The triangle consists of three main and oldest streets. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the upgrade changed and complemented the urban core and settlements.

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very good!!!
I loved the calm yet modern ambiance in this location. the buildings have a modern touch in their construction and the establishment of restaurants and shops give it a modern look. I rented one of the apartments and absolutely loved the quality of the services provided.
I learned about the history of the location. It was initially the property of Countess Katarina Svetachka until the invasion of Turks, when it became the property of Christopher II, who handed it to the Sultan. The location has undergone various rulers and has positively developed over the centuries.
My stay in this town is so memorable. I loved spending time in this town. The restaurants were so good. The accommodation facilities were modern and well kept. The architectural design of this town was so amazing.
The beauty of this town was astonishing. Its Architectural design just stood out. It was so fascinating and mesmerizing. The buildings were well planned and in good condition. I loved this town. The people were so friendly and hospitable
It was my first time seeing the old bicycle with one huge wheel at the front and small at the back, i used to wonder how they rode it until i saw it the town is a quiet town with good environment for a walk, it is also a very safe haven
The town has everything you need from restaurants to cafes to supermarkets to recreational activities, m favorite one was playing paintball with the lads, and afterwards sitting on the street benches and having a good time