Lonja nature park


The magnificent Lonjsko polje is one of the last examples of a landscape that once stretched through Central Europe until the end of the 19th century. The nature park consists of three fields - Lonja, Mokro and Poganovo. It stretches along the Sava River between the towns of Sisak and Jasenovac. The winding course of the Sava River and the smaller Lonja - after which the wetlands are named - regularly flood the nature park.

The locals continue to maintain a traditional way of life, and visitors can stay in one of several ethno-owned houses. There you can learn more about the fascinating tradition of central Croatia that dates back several centuries and indulge in some of the most delicious Turopolje delicacies.

Lonjsko polje Nature Park can attract you with its various attractions. Here you can find several landscaped hiking trails within the park, each of different length and weight. In addition to exploring spectacular landscapes, they allow visitors to learn more about the versatile animal life of the area with its educational features, as well as learn fascinating history dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the threat once posed by the mighty Ottoman Empire.

Lonjsko polje is an amazing place suitable for a family. In addition to exploring the hiking trails in the park, you can go cycling, tour boats or enjoy a peaceful canoe safari through the stunning Posavina landscape. Visitors to Lonjsko polje especially enjoy one thing - crossing the Sava River by traditional ferry. The ferry is the only way you can cross the river in the park and it is definitely a wonderful way to get to know the authentic local life and experience the authenticity of the Posavina region.

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Lonja nature park
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Lonja nature park is an exciting place to be. I took my fiance to this place and we really enjoyed the scenes. Thre are birds of different species flying around the cool Sava and Lonja rivers. We enjoyed the ferry ride and wish to be back soon.
My family enjoyed visiting this area very much. We saw the white stocks and traditional wooden one-story houses in our walk around the park. There was much of activities to enjoy with the family. Plan to visit this and enjoy for yourselve.
Lonja nature park has avery beautiful camping site where we stayed with my friends for a week and exlpored much around. I enjoyed the camp fires and the barbecue and generally the peaceful environment.
I enjoyed canoeing around the around the river as I enjoyed watching the cormorants white and black storks, sea eagles and the king fishers. Lonja nature park is a nice place to visit.
Hiking and cycling was what I really enjoyed most. With amazing scenes and beauty all over the place, I couldn't get enough of lonja park. I will plan to visit a second time.
My kids enjoyed every moment in the park, there was horse riding, watching of wildlife, bird viewing and fishing in the river. Lonja park is a place I would recommend every family to visit.
If you are looking for a cool place to have fun and relax then Lonja park is good for you. It was my first visit to the park and memories will live with me foverever. For me was the water fun, just canoeing around and playing with the water as I watched different bird species was an a mazing experiwence.