The city of Sisak is located southeast of Zagreb and is bordered by the beautiful large rivers Kupa and Sava. Only the geographical position and natural advantages have resulted in the accelerated development of this city from ancient times to the present day. Of the number of famous historical figures associated with the city, the main place is occupied by the Sisak patron and bishop Kvirin. Throughout history, Sisak was marked by wars against the Turks that lasted for almost 5 centuries, the most famous being the battle of Sisak in 1593, when almost all of Europe was defended from the Ottoman Empire. At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, Sisak became more and more focused on tourism and improving its tourist offer, especially thanks to its protected wetlands of the nature park, rare rural wooden architecture, the old fortified town of Sisak, the attractive town center Siscia.

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Sisak has beautiful specialty museums with very alluring collections. I really enjoyed the mystique atmosphere inside. I hope to bring more friends to this town.
The town has vibrant casinos that I had the time of my life. Talk of their good atmosphere and ambiance. The townspeople are very friendly and surely know how to have a good time!
The weather around the Island was favourable to us. It's worth to visit during all seasons. Will definitely visit again.
My friends and I enjoyed our stay in Sisak city immensely. We especially enjoyed the ancient architectural sites of the ancient cities. We felt like we had stepped in the good old times. This town is very gorgeous.
The city is very beautiful to take relaxing walks at night. I delighted watching the well-lit wondrous bridges that looked so phenomenal. This town is worth a lot of praise and is perfect for long vacations.
My family and I enjoyed our stay in this city. We were particularly impressed by the impressive wooden guesthouses that had cute terraces to relax on enjoying the enchanting surroundings. I highly recommend this city.
This town's cocktails are legendary! Its classy restaurants have experienced mixologists who ensured our drinks were electrifying. The bright ambiance only added to this magic. We hope to visit again!