The city with about 14,544 inhabitants is located next to the river Lonja, in Moslavina, along the highway Zagreb - Lipovac. It is 38 km away from Zagreb. The economy is based on oil and gas production, agriculture, livestock, chemical industry and metal processing. Medium and small entrepreneurship is based on the provision of services in construction, tourism, hospitality industry and trade. Ivanić-Grad is first mentioned in records in the 13th century (1246). Past centuries have left a rich historical and cultural heritage, monuments worth seeing. The city is also known for the "Naftalan" health resort.

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very good!!!
My girlfriend and I visit this town regularly. We especially love the tranquil spots like the historical ruins where we can take walks and have picnics under the beautiful trees. The serenity in this town is just unrivaled.
Our parents brought us to this town and we had so much fun. We particularly loved the large indoor parks and sauna baths. It was nice swimming with other kids. We cant wait to come again.
Ivanic grad is a town worth visiting if you are looking to have a memorable trip. I had a great time as I visited the iconic museums and splendid art galleries. This town is just outstanding.
This town offers a heaven on earth experience. I love visiting its magical parks that have beautiful lakes and waterfalls. The whole place is very nice to take sensational pictures. I can't wait to visit again.
I always bring my kids to this town during the Christmas holidays. It has a lot of amusement parks and the kids really enjoy the fireworks, laser lights, and fairy-tale decorations. I recommend this town to families with small kids.
My friends and I still talk about our exhilarating trip to this town. We particularly remember our experience flying the hot air balloons. The adrenaline rush plus the magical views of the town is something we shall never forget.