Scitarjevo is a place in Zagreb County in the area of ​​Velika Gorica, about 20 kilometers from Zagreb. It was created near ancient Roman Andautonia. Andautonia is an archaeological park with an area of ​​2500 square meters, which shows the remains of an ancient city from the Roman Empire (1 - 4th century) Systematic excavations have been carried out since 1981, although the first attempts at research date back to the 19th century.So today you can see most of the ancient city and its parts, such as the 27-meter-long Roman street, several old buildings, porches, canals, city baths, but also stone slabs with characters from Roman mythology. Remains of ceramic vessels, silver and bronze jewelry, glass objects, frescoes and mosaic cubes can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, which conducts all excavations and research.Along the edge of the archeological park, officially opened in 1994, there are several information boards where you can read and learn more about the excavations and the way of life of the then inhabitants. Thus we learn that Andautonia was also an independent municipality that belonged to the Roman province of Pannonia, and was located on the road that connected the two then centers - Sisak and Ptuj.

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We saw the remains of the ancient city from the Roman Empire such as the Roman Street, several old buildings , porches. I especially loved the city bath remains and stone slabs that had characters from Roman mythology inscribed on them. The information boards with detailed information about the excavations and the way of life of the then inhabitants concluded my educative tour.
This town is so historical. It is an archaeological site. I was able to visited several old buildings, canals, porches and water baths. This gave me chills all over my body. Everything seemed very ancient. One could have a rough idea on how people lived
Our trip around Zagreb led us to the place and as enthusiastic as we are we visited the Archeological museum and had the best time at the place. We had a sight of the best things at the place including remains of different fascinating things that we loved.
I took my kids to this place and they really loved it. It is located near the ancient Andautonia which serves as an archaeological site. I will be definitely coming back.
At the archaeological park we set our eyes at the ancient remains of an ancient city of the Roman Empire. It helped us to trace back the ruling of the Romans back in the days. An ideal place for historians like me.
A walk along the Roman street was therapeutic as the streets were an oasis of peace and tranquility. We took photos near the stone slabs with the characters of roman mythology for memories. The several old buildings, porches, canals and city paths are also some of the sights to behold while here.
As researchers we toured the Archaeological Museum that conducts excavation and research. I was delighted to grace my eyes on the remains of ceramic vessels, silver and bronze jewellery, frescoes among others. I loved how they well displayed in the museum.