Turopoljski Lug


The right place for all forest lovers and those who seek peace and tranquility that only the forest can provide. On one side it is bordered by villages, while on the other by the river Odra, the end is adorned with wooden houses typical of that location and a common animal that can be seen calmly grazing Turopolje pig. The life and history of the forest dates back to the Roman Empire because the tombs of the ancient Romans were found in the forest.

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My daughter took very good pictures of the place. She said the place was so natural and that she would show the pictures to her Biology teacher.
Bird watching was our favourite activity during our last visit. the white-tailed eagles we saw were epic . My son made me promise to bring him back soon
At night, the sights and sounds there were so enigmatic. Croaking of frogs and bats hovering above is a movie experience best felt.
My students had marvellous moments during our research trip there. the sighting of the turopoljski pig excited them too. They now vow to recreate the experience more of the area.
We rode bicycles deep into the protected forest before taking selfies in the signature bridge.
I helped local conservationists plant some indigenous trees on the wetlands along the river. They really help tourists feel like it is a great fete they've achieved.
Kingfishers preying on fish in the marshy areas of the protected area was kinda sporty. I wished to witness more of the natural instinct.