Velika Gorica


Velika Gorica is the largest and most populous city in Zagreb County, between the Turopolje plains and hills of Vukomerichke gorice in the direction of Sisak. On the hills of Vukomerichke gorice there is a wonderful view of the region which is made all the better by the three rivers - Odra, Sava and Kupa. The uniqueness of Velika Gorica and the nearby surroundings make up Turopolje's sites of interest: unique wooden architecture - churches, chapels, gazebos and huts built of oak; the archaeological site Andautonija, the old town of Lukavec and Turopolje Museum. The Velika Gorica region nurtures and offers tourists authentic folk dances, songs and music, carnival activities, Gorica evenings, which is all enrichened by the Turopolje gastronomic offer.

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Velika Gorica
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