Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall


The concert hall was named after Vatroslav Lisinski, one of the greatest Croatian composers who composed the first Croatian opera "Love and Evil" in the 19th century. The Zagreb City Council adopted a decision to build a concert hall in 1957. The building, designed by architect Marijan Haberle, was officially opened in 1973. An impressively long list of world-class soloists and ensembles who have since performed in the concert hall and made Lisinski a cultural center for Zagreb and Croatia. , includes some of the biggest names in classical music, as well as leading artists of popular and jazz music. The Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall has been synonymous with the best musical performances for many years. The Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall is not just a home of fine music; its multifunctional concert and conference halls make Lisinski an ideal place for organizing business meetings, professional conferences and theater events. Perfectly located place of impressive design and elegant ambience offers several congress and concert halls, a view of the old town just a few minutes walk, good accessibility, professional conference services and a special, luxurious atmosphere in a building known for its unique lights, dozens of large crystal hanging lights which are protected as a cultural entity and popularly known as "dandelion". The concert hall is full of works of art and has a long history of hosting many famous musicians, artists, scientists, politicians and ambassadors.

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Trg Stjepana Radića 4, 10000, Zagreb


(13 reviews)
The concert hall was a world class arena with thrilling music performance. I meet the best performers who I had not seen before. A legendary arena.
Visiting the Concert hall of Vatroslav was the best moment I remember with passion. A world class hall with countless events. We enjoyed this place a alot with my friends.
The lighting inside the hall was very spectacular. The stage was very visible no obstructions of any sort.
The Concert Hall is up to standards and the interior is beautiful with chandeliers and the events were fruitful and great with soul touching music.
The aura of live music from the concert hall is a thing to crave for. It has a lobby which during the day,sun shines brightly in with its rays making the room stun.
If you are looking for a souvenir or want to get to know a country's culture, Vatroslav Lisinski is definitely the spot. We were able to see Rome in a very authentic way and we loved it!
The hall is very enormous, beautifully adorned and arranged to accomodate the lively orchestra and numerous listeners.we relaxed to the beautiful music played here
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