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The Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb has gathered over 80,000 exhibits related to the folk culture of Croatia. Traditional costumes from various parts of the country, handicrafts and examples of folk handicrafts.

The museum collection includes: folk instruments, jewelry, pottery and baskets, items used daily on traditional farms, stone and wood ornaments, as well as items related to ancient beliefs and related rituals.

The museum was founded in the first half of the 20th century on the initiative of a Slovak industrialist and textile merchant - Salomon Berger. He became the first director of the facility. The seat of the museum is located in an Art Nouveau building from 1903.

An important person associated with the museum was Professor Vladimir Tkalchich, who was engaged in thorough research into folk handicrafts, and is the author of valuable publications on, among other things, Croatian lace.

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Trg Antuna, Ivana i Vladimira Mažuranića 14, 10000, Zagreb


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
I loved the interior and exterior design of the museum and its contents. Very educative and informative about culture.
Well worth a visit. All the staff is very informative. Also, some beautiful items are on display. The museum is nice and big, so we've visited this place with family and friends, we all liked it here, good parking outside the museum Great experience of the Viennese culture! Close to other great attractions in Vienna.
The museum is great with a collection of art and objects from other continents and and the kids had an awesome time with the toys.
The museum has a great front facade that is amazing. I liked the large view of the place which is worth seeing.
Learnt a lot about the Croation cultural heritage especially their traditional way of life.I loved that they have trails for people with disabilityto the museum which favoured me a lot.
The rooms were arranged to fit the ottoman period, which brought alot of learning to meof how that period was.
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