Croatian Sports Museum


The idea for the establishment of the Croatian Museum of Sports dates back to the 1950s, when the systematic and active collection of materials for exhibitions began. Somewhat later, in 1977, the first exhibition for the general public was opened in the premises of the Faculty of Kinesiology. At that time, the museum was called the Museum of Physical Culture of Croatia, and the current name has been officially kept since 2003. When it was registered as the Croatian Sports Museum. As its name suggests, the theme is the development of sports and physical culture over the centuries in our area. The exhibitions will feature various costumes, sports equipment (skates, skis, balls, rackets, sticks, shields, whistles, etc.), tickets, schedules, competitions and various devices and other facilities for exercise and sports. Also, biographies of famous Croatian greats of sports and athletes have been posted, the most famous of which is Frano Bučar, who is also called the father of Croatian sports.

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