Museum of Illusions


During a visit to Zagreb, several places are impossible to avoid - One of them is a visit to the Museum of Illusions. The museum is located in Ilica 72, Zagreb's main street, just a 5-minute walk from Count Jelachich Square.
Once you enter the museum, you will enter a fascinating world of illusions. All the installations will amaze you, but they will also give you the opportunity to learn something new and interesting. You can visit it with a loved one, friends or family. The museum consists of several rooms that will play some serious games with your perception. There are many mirrors that seem to change reality, images that your eye can only see from certain angles, visual illusions from different lines, points and faces. A smart playroom will delight your little gray cells and challenge your brain. Here you can play, compete with friends and learn. It is full of Dilemma games, wooden puzzles and other games that boost your cognitive abilities. Some people go to a fitness center to sculpt their bodies, others can turn their brains into a work of art here!

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Ilica 72, 10000, Zagreb


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very good!!!
We took a lot of funny photos here % )
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