Strossmayer Promenade


Also called Chestnut Alley is a beautiful promenade in the city center that connects several archaeological, cultural, historical sites in the upper city. A statue of the poet Antun Gustav Matosh looking at the roofs of the lower town has been erected in an avenue of old chestnut trees. With a beautiful view of the city, the promenade is often a place for cultural and entertainment events.

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Štrosmajerovo šetalište


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
It is the most treasured tranquil and atmospheric walkways. Popular for sightseeing activity. I loved Strossmayer promenade.
Our tour to Strossmayer promenade was luminous. We encountered interesting concerts, performance and concerts taking place. Good moment I enjoyed.
We went for evening walk around the place and it was relaxing and romantic with cool graffiti on the streets and beautiful trees. The sunset rays were an icing to the fabulous day we had and the pictures tell it all.
I loved the exquisite views there. A very romantic place ideal for couples and honeymooners.
I especially enjoyed the panoramic views that I got from this location
Very beautiful walk next to the river, with several nice cafes and bars. A definite must if you have time to check it out (even if you don't have time, your trip isn't complete without it). We didn't have time to do a longer walk on the promenade but it was still nice.
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