The Academic Church of St Catherine in Zagreb


On the site of an old 14th-century church that was used for military purposes during the war with the Ottomans, in 1620 the construction of a Jesuit church and monastery began. The church was set on fire twice, but in 1674 it burned to the ground. After the restoration, it became known as the most famous and most beautiful Baroque church in which, in addition to liturgical celebrations, concerts of classical music are also held.

The interior of the church is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque in Croatia, but it was badly damaged in the earthquakes of 2020, so it is currently not possible to enter the church.

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Katarinin trg bb, 10000, Zagreb


(13 reviews)
very good!!!
The outside beauty of this church was unbelievable. Its architectural design was marvelous. Its interior baroque style was fantastic. I am glad I was able to experience its divinity.
The interior design of the church is gorgeous and i loved the tour inside when i had the chance to get in. The paintings and the art work on the interior is stunning i could not get my eyes off of the walls.
I was really facinated by the ancient architectural model of this church
i loved the way they preserved their structures in the interior and exterior, and also the overview point where i was able to see the town. Great place to visit
I really enjoyed visiting this church. It is quite ancient. It was built in the 17th century and its history is amazing. Having been burnt to the ground and later restored but one could still experience its original baroque style. Its beauty is stunning
Interesting church with good altar that has some awesome sculptures to see and and a peaceful place that offer a great deal of certainty and riconic structure that gives it the famous look .
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