Museum of Arts and Crafts


The Craft Museum as the first museum of its kind in Europe was founded as early as 1880. as an idea to create a collection of master craftsmen and artists who promote objects of everyday consumption or use. The museum has over one hundred thousand exhibits representing the period from the 14th century until today, collections of furniture, glass, metal, ceramics, clocks, graphic products, architecture and photography are organized, something will surely intrigue every visitor.

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Trg Republike Hrvatske 10, 10000, Zagreb


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I would recommend this place for art lovers. Their exhibitions was astonishing. Their collection dates back to the 14th century and it entails basic items. Such as clocks, ceramics, metals, glass and furniture
very good!!!
The museum held some amazing exhibitions which were lovely to witness and i enjoyed myself when i visited the place and had the chance of seeing the fabulous pieces of art. The crafts that are in the museum are superb and are a marvel to watch. I had the opportunity of getting to take some pictures of the beautiful artwork, craft and other major things.
Beautiful buildings housing the finest collections of arts. We toured the museum and it was tidy, clean and well organized with detailed art exhibits and lovely art works. Lovely place to visit.
The trip to the museum of arts and craft was splendorous and an awesome landmark. The building for the museum is amazing and has a great architectural design that is amusing. We enjoyed the sight of master crafts and artworks that are exhibited at the museum. We had an amazing guide that was informative and fun to be with. The museum has an amazing history that we had the time to learn about and enjoyed our tour. We would recommend a visit to the place as much as it can happen.
Masterful and amazing work of art. I loved the paintings and the cultures. I bought myself a souvenir to remember!!!
The buiding houses ancient art that date back to the 1800s. It was very interesting to see how artists thought through their art during those days.
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