Archaeological Museum in Zagreb


Located in the historicist palace Vranyczany-Hafner next to the park Zrinjevac, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb was founded in 1864. It is difficult to point out which is the most represented collection in the museum when it contains over 460,000 exhibits. From the Paleolithic to the Late Iron Age, the Ancient, Medieval Age. The largest Egyptian and numismatic collection in this part of Europe is in the museum, also with one of the largest libraries in Croatia.

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Zrinjevac 19, 10000, Zagreb


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
We visited the museum with my family and it was well organised with the collection of art and detailed description of the lovely archaeology.
The oldest museum in zagreb is important for tangible and the intangible cultural heritage. Our team who travelled the place learnt a lot about the culture of the place. Educative place.
I spent a lot of time going through the enormous library in this area. I had to come for several days to complete the tour. The place is really big.
Spent my afternoon here admiring different collections from both locals and foreigners.Carried some of the souvenoirs such as figurines and mediavial jewellery to my family and they loved them
The architectural design of the museum was masterclass. I liked how it was designed to fit artifacts of all kinds. Fantastic museum.
We visited the Archaeological Museum during our 1-day-and-night tour and found this to be the best attraction. I highly recommend visiting it if you want to know more about Greece.
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