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A monumental building that adorns one of the entrances to the city via the main station, the art pavilion of unique construction does not have its permanent exhibition but hosts foreign and domestic works by various artists for over 120 years.

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Trg Kralja Tomislava 22, 10000, Zagreb


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very good!!!
Perplexed by the interior design of the Art pavilion when i entered inside. The tour around was awesome and i had breathtaking sights of the place. I loved the fabulous at work and paintings on the walls of the museum.
I really enjoyed the contemporary pieces of art displayed here. They were both locally and internationally obtained. I really fell in love with this place.
The pieces of art displayed here are contemporary. Its outside beauty is eye catching and its architecture is marvelous. Touring this place was memorable.
On my trip to Zagreb, my first stop was at Art pavilion and it was totally worth it. I enjoyed the superb exhibitions that are displayed at the at the museum. Remarkable moment at the art pavilion and i would not forget it.
Magnificent building and blossoming architectural design of the museum. I loved the exterior look of the building and even had took some beautiful pictures of the place for the memories.
I visited the Art pavilion and the architectural building was beautiful and the art collection was amazing with the tour around being fun and successful.
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