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Lake Cice is an artificial lake near Velika Gorica near the Croatian capital Zagreb, and among the locals it is often called the Turopolje Sea. The main beach of the lake is made entirely of fine white pebbles, and the access to the water is gentle and shallow. The quality and purity of the lake water is tested daily so it is safe for swimming and carefree enjoyment. Although until recently swimming on the lake was banned, no one followed this rule, and going to the shores of the lake is becoming more popular every year. The area around the lake is maintained, covered with green grass and some low vegetation. For the future, it is planned to bring here some of the fun and recreational activities, catering facilities, lifeguards and publicly available showers, changing cabins and toilets. There are no such things at the moment, so be sure to bring everything you need.

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The entrance to the beach is very beautiful from the white pebbles nicely arranged along and the clean green grass which was well trimmed. The water is clean, clear and warm perfect for swimming
It is a perfect place to enjoy swimming as the water is warm, clear and clean to enjoy yourself while swimming. The green vegetation around also makes the place look really beautiful
The water here is very fresh and clean. The lake is well maintained and has beautiful grass growing at the sides. You have to ensure you have carried everything since there are no facilities at the moment.
very good!!!
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