The city with about 15,000 inhabitants is 40 km away from Zagreb. The first written trace of the city dates back to 1244 (document of King Bela IV). The castle in Vrbovec dates from 1528 and was built for defense against the Ottoman Empire. Later it was owned by the Zrinski family, Erdody, then again the Zrinski, Patachich, etc. In 1621, Petar Zrinski was born there. Only a cylindrical tower of the castle remains today. The area is rich in valuable cultural heritage. Not far from Vrbovec (in Negovac), Marija Jurich Zagorka was born. Zagorka was a writer of popular novels and the first woman journalist in Southern Europe. The area abounds in rural picnic areas, places for relaxation and gastronomic experience (the event "Kaj su jeli naši stari” (What did our ancestors eat) in August), and sports facilities: tennis, clay pigeon shooting range, fishing on the lakes.

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4.0 (1 review)
4.0 (1 review)

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very good!!!
I had a terrific time in this city. The adrenaline rush fun activities in this town are unrivaled. I particularly had a blast as I went on a balloon flight. The views of the misty valleys and sunny hilltops were just unbelievable. I will never forget it.
I came with my boys to this town and had so much fun. During the day we went fishing and later hit the classy bars to unwind. It was a very rejuvenating trip.
This is a nice family outing destination. We always come here with the kids and they love the sports complexes where they play tennis, chess, and even basketball. I highly recommend it.
During my vacation to this town, I had a fantastic time. I stayed in the family-owned guesthouses and the waiters were really warm and professional. I enjoyed the Croatian buffet with a variety of delicious meat and fish. The trip was worth every dollar.
It was worthwhile to visit the town of Vrbovec. I loved taking boat rides in the man-made lakes and taking pictures of the beautiful waterfalls. This town is just another paradise.
My friend and I had a restful trip to this town. We loved taking strolls in the beautiful parks and enjoying the tranquility in the eerie caves found here. This mystical town is a nature lover's heaven.