Krizhevci is a historical place of the famous medieval Bloody Sabor (Assembly) and the city whose patron is one of the three Croatian saints born in Krizhevci - St. Mark. The seat of the Greek Catholic Diocese of Krizhevci is dedicated to the Holy Trinity with a Greek Catholic cathedral. An event that you must not miss in Krizhevci is "Krizhevachko veliko Spravishche", which shows a 700-year-old legend about the argument and reconciliation of Krizhevci purgers (city aristocracy) and Kalnik plum growers.
If you want to get away from the city bustle and enjoy the benefits of untouched nature - a trip to Kalnik is always the right choice. In addition to walking on the educational trails and enjoying the top gastronomic delicacies of the Kalnik mountain lodge, you can also relax in an active sports way: hiking on one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia to the highest peak in the county, sport climbing, paragliding or cycling.

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very good!!!
This city is a nice place to enjoy solitude. There are nice parks where I enjoyed strolling in, enjoying a book, and taking cat naps. It was a very restful trip.
krizhevci is a very nice city to go cycling. We came here with my husband and we had a memorable time riding in its pleasant sites. From the monuments, statues, and even cemeteries. It was a joyous trip.
There are plenty of ways to relax in this city. From visiting the spas for rejuvenating massages to enjoying the poker games in the vibrant casinos. It was a good place to unwind.
The city of krizhevci has some of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches that I have ever visited. Their designs and legendary stories are just intriguing and informative. I always make sure to pray here and enjoy the peaceful moments.
I and my friends visited this city and we had the time of our lives. The guides took us on walking tours and we visited the beautiful vineyards. The wine's sweet sensations left us feeling very bubbly. I recommend this city to all.
This city has some elegant restaurants that my family and I enjoyed dining in. My favorite was the delicious pork loin, baked potatoes, and pepper sauce. I really look forward to the next trip.