The road through Varazhdin County must take you to the Centrum mundi - which is located in the town of Ludbreg. A legend from the time of the Romans claims that it was in Ludbreg that circles of the Earth were conceived and described, on the edges of which large European metropolises are located. Apart from being the center of the world, Ludbreg is better known as a religious center. According to a legend from 1411, during the service of the Mass, the priest noticed that the wine from the chalice turned into blood during the consecration. The Ludbreg Relic (Relic of the Blood of Christ from Ludbreg) has been declared authentic, and the main religious event and large pilgrimage "Holy Sunday" gathers many pilgrims every year in August. This town of wonders and legends is the birthplace of one of the world's most famous aircraft designers, engineer Rudolf Fizir. With its combination of religious, historical, scientific and artistic material, interesting stories, vineyards above the town and the streams and rivers that surround it, it will surely be a pleasant destination.

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very good!!!
I really reminisce about my visit to Ludbreg. I was captivated by its beautiful streets and alleyways that I have not witnessed anywhere else. The stone pavements and blooming flowers were just relaxing as I took strolls around town. I will never forget it.
Ludbreg is a very interesting town with lots of legendary landmarks to sightsee. There are very many statues and castles that I really delighted in visiting. The picturesque sites are very intriguing and calming at the same time. It's a very nice town.
We always come on vacation to this town with our friends. We particularly love renting the beautiful apartments on the hills overlooking the lush agricultural fields in the distance. The sunrise views from the balcony are usually enchanting. It's a very special town to us.
This town has some iconic churches that visitors visit from all over the world. My family and I enjoyed visiting the ancient cathedrals and listening to stories about miraculous events that happened in the past. It was nice to pray and relax in these churches. It was worth the visit.
I always visit Ludbreg every summer. I find it very peaceful and quaint. The locals are very friendly. The hotels prepare delicious meals like barbecued rump steak, salad, and very tasty pasta. I can't wait for the summer to visit once more.
This town has very exotic wines processed in the vineyards farms nearby. My wife and I had a good time tasting all the tasty wines on sale. It was nice chatting with other revelers. I recommend this town to all.