According to the data known so far, the first settlement in the present-day area of ​​Chakovec was built by the Romans under the name Aquama, as a fortress for military needs. Chakovec was named after Count Dimitrij Csaky (Chaki), who at the beginning of the 13th century built a wooden fortress called "Chakov turen". Chakovec was first explicitly mentioned as a fortified town in 1333 in a document of King Robert. Throughout its turbulent history, Chakovec, like Medjimurje, often changed masters. The most significant period is certainly the 16th and 17th centuries, when Croatian bans and military leaders from the Zrinski family ruled in Chakovec. Through several generations, the Zrinski family created one of the most luxurious Croatian and European castles of that time from the Chakovec fortress.

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very good!!!
My friends and i paid a visit and were fascinated by the history of Chakovec. We were thrilled by the stunning architectural style and the spectacular view of the castle, the structures are beautiful and gorgeous, i couldn't help as i gazed at it. The quiet and peacefulness of the castle acted as a healing place for me.
I was able to visit the Romanesque fortress. it was so huge. I loved its military display collection. The architectural design of this fortress is so stunning. The grass was well mowed. I enjoyed visiting this fortress. This town is generally beautiful.
Wonderful clean place that we were able to visit and marvel in it. We took a tour around one of the fascinating things at the place and it was remarkable. The castle was something else and the fortress was unforgettable. The views and the history of the place was the outstanding things that the place had.
The atmosphere here is really amazing mostly the historic ambience. There are also castles that trace back to some time back and I really loved it.