Lake Dubrava


Dubrava Lake is an artificial lake located on the Drava River in Medjimurje and Varazhdin counties. The town of Prelog is located on the shores of the lake.Dubrava Lake is the largest of the four artificial lakes built on the Drava. Dubrava, Ormozh and Varazhdin lakes and their hydropower plants are managed by HEP Hidroelektrana.Near Prelog and the place where the river Drava flows into Dubrava Lake, there is a camp, marina, and a small airfield used for kites.With an area of 17.1 square kilometers, Dubrava Lake is the largest artificial lake in Croatia, and the second largest lake in Croatia.

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very good!!!
This lake is such a popular artificial lake. It was built for the sole purpose Hydroelectric power production. Its shores were so beautiful. My kids enjoyed flying their kites. It was a wonderful family moment.
I enjoyed the time i spent on the hotel just near the lake. It offered a nice morning and evening view.The sounds from the lake were also calming and refreshing, so was the food.
The breeze coming from the lake was so relaxing and cool. I loved the tea in the restaurant Marina. Afterward i enjoyed the boat ride as i was taking pictures and the surrounding environment.