Varazhdinske Toplice


On the northeastern edge of Hrvatsko Zagorje, in a green environment of gentle hills dotted with meadows, vineyards, orchards and forests, just above the valley of the river Bednja, are located Varazhdinske Toplice.

The natural gift - a generous source of thermal water - determined the city's position, gave it its name and conditioned the continuity of living and healing people through all cultural epochs, from the Roman Empire when the Romans named them Aqua Iasae, to the present day reviving the spirit of a fashionable spa.

Varazhdinske Toplice is the oldest thermal spa in Croatia, which in its center preserves one of the most important continental archaeological complexes, an excavation of a Roman thermal bath that has served its purpose for four centuries. At the beginning of the last century, Varazhdinske Toplice was one of the most reputable Central European health resorts, and today the thermal riviera with various health and recreational facilities is appreciated within the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation.

The spa also offers its visitors special experiences on the days of traditional tourist events: Valentine's Day, Toplica Summer, Ana's Ball. Lovrechevo, Kukuljevich's days, Baroque cuisine days, Martinje, New Year's Eve and many others.

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Varazhdinske Toplice
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very good!!!
This town is very serene. The glorious part of my trip here was playing golf in the beautiful courses enjoying the lush landscape. I really enjoyed myself.
My kids were pleased walking in the expansive terraces. It was fun hiking in its alluring nature of beautiful terrains. My kids can't wait to visit again.
It was fun to go cycling with my friends in the beautiful landscape trails. We then devoured the delicious foods in the beautiful restaurants of this magical town. We cant wait to visit again.
I and the boys took a trip to Varazhdinske because of its widespread fame as an entertainment hotspot. We were especially thrilled to partake in the escape room games that kicked our adrenaline levels up. We plan to visit again soon.
We visited Varazhdinske as a family and our trip was very restful. We especially enjoyed staying at the elegant hotels with enchanting garden views. The beautiful scents made a night of sleep very relaxing. I highly recommend it.
My friends and I had a great time visiting the beautiful shops in town. We bought a lot of high-quality handcrafted stuff like clothes and shoes. The traders were very friendly and sold at discount prices. We hope to visit again soon.