The municipality is located in the northeastern part of Krapina-Zagorje County on the border of Varazhdin and Zagreb counties.Hrascina is known in the history of astronomy for the first documented fall of a meteorite on May 26, 1751. Since 2012, May 26 has been marked as the day of the Municipality of Hrascina.There are several valuable sacral buildings in the area of ​​the municipality of Hrašćina. One of the oldest is a Roman tombstone built into the statue of St. Ana in Hrascina. In the village of Domovec, there is a pillow of St. Marko, erected in 1647 as a thank you for the departure of the Turks from the Hrascina area. Chapel of St. Benedict in Gornji Kraljevec, is protected as a cultural monument. The chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in Trgovishche was built in 1735. Parish Church of St. Nikola in Hrašćina was built in the 17th century. In Donji Kraljevec there is a newly built Chapel of St. Joseph the Worker.Above Trgovishcha, on Pipinich's road, there is a 14-meter lookout, "Pyramid", which offers a unique view of Hrascina, a large part of Hrvatsko Zagorje, and in fine weather on the peaks of the Alps. The educational ecological trail in the Hrascina area, Pipinichev put, was named after its founder, Hrascina teacher and founder of the Hrascina mountaineering association, Branko Pipinich.

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It was like a dream come true to visit this destination where the first documented meteorite fell.The pyramid above Pipinich's road offered us with unique views of the surroundings. There were several sacral buildings around for our spiritual nourishment.
This place had a rich cultural life and historic monuments. I visited several monuments which were erected at different places in the countryside. Each monument had a story of it's own revealing the well preserved history of this place.
A place full of historical connections, holding some of the oldest structures that would interest any curious person. The structures found here have interesting historical backgrounds, and is a wonderful and educative place. In good weather one cansupport the peaks of the Alp from the lookout in the place, and it is the cherry on top of the visit.
very good!!!