Ivanec is a small town located in the Croatian Zagorje at the foot of Mount Ivanshchica. Due to its natural beauty and diversity of landscapes, Ivanec was already inhabited in the distant past, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites in its vicinity.During the history of Ivanec, it changed, developed, and in the 16th century a castle, a defensive and residential fortress was built, which was completely destroyed in the war and post-war destruction of the last century. Today, the ruins of this fortress are located in the center of Ivanec, surrounded by a park where you can easily walk.Take a walk through little Ivanec, go back in history, visit the old mills, walk through its landscape and look for sources of drinking water, visit churches and chapels, nearby hills and native vineyards, and enjoy the secrets of the lost knightly city.

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The town is magnificent and caught our eyes when we stepped to the town. We visited a couple of places around and took a tour around some of the churches that we came across. Amazing sculptures and altars that as superb. Peaceful places with great history and awesome architectural buildings that makes it an unforgettable place.
The first place that we visited on our tour to the town was the farm side and we had a little tour around the vineyard. Remarkable tour that we got to learn of the history and the process of production of the wine. I enjoyed the trip and even had wine tasting that was wonderful to have with my friends.
With parks and fortress the town offered the best places to visit. We went for a walk with my family on our visit to the town and it was amazing. Got to see the marvel of the place and enjoy the views and the refreshing atmosphere that was relaxing all through the trip.
very good!!!
I had morning and evening walks around the town and it was the best thing with sunset and sunrise getting the best of me. I had alot of pictures and this was theraputic.
We visited the town hall that assisted in the knowledge of the history of the place and its cultural activities.
I got the chance of going to the church to worship and pray while interacting with the amazing people. It felt good.