Ivanec is a small town located in the Croatian Zagorje at the foot of Mount Ivanshchica. Due to its natural beauty and diversity of landscapes, Ivanec was already inhabited in the distant past, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites in its vicinity.
During the history of Ivanec, it changed, developed, and in the 16th century a castle, a defensive and residential fortress was built, which was completely destroyed in the war and post-war destruction of the last century. Today, the ruins of this fortress are located in the center of Ivanec, surrounded by a park where you can easily walk.
Take a walk through little Ivanec, go back in history, visit the old mills, walk through its landscape and look for sources of drinking water, visit churches and chapels, nearby hills and native vineyards, and enjoy the secrets of the lost knightly city.

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very good!!!
I had morning and evening walks around the town and it was the best thing with sunset and sunrise getting the best of me. I had alot of pictures and this was theraputic.
We visited the town hall that assisted in the knowledge of the history of the place and its cultural activities.
I got the chance of going to the church to worship and pray while interacting with the amazing people. It felt good.
The nightlife at Ivanec is awesome with the DJs playing good music and the people having fun at night clubs and areas of refreshments.
The weather at Ivanec is condusive and i loved it as it allowed me to have mid-morning walks around the streets of Ivanec and i loved every bit of it. It was refreshing.