The municipality of Klenovnik is located mainly in the north of Hrvatsko zagorje, and is located between major cities - Lepoglava (14 km away), Ivanec (8 km), Trakoshchan (28 km) and Varazhdin (25 km), in Varazhdin County. In written documents, Klenovnik is first mentioned as far back as 1244 as a medieval fortified town which was built by Bela IV in the same year. donated to Varazhdin County Mihajlo. Today, a beautiful castle remains visible from the fort, which is actually the largest castle in Croatia, and holds the title of monument of zero category. In addition to the magnificent castle in this area, the old chapel of St. Wofgang, as well as the beautiful Pintarich crucifix
The main interesting thing about Klenovnik is definitely the fact that according to some sources and assumptions based on the construction plan of the mentioned castle, Klenovnik was supposed to become the capital of Croatia. Namely, in the past, the same castle was described as the Croatian Versailles.

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