Croatian Fire Fighting Museum


Although the smallest museum in the city, it captivates visitors with its charm. Firefighting in Varazhdin has a long tradition. The city has been "burned" several times, and the first voluntary fire brigade in this part of Europe was founded here in 1864. The museum houses numerous fire extinguishers, diplomas, awards and photographs. The Museum of the Croatian Fire Brigade Varazhdin is the only space in the Republic of Croatia with a permanent exhibition of exhibits from the rich and long history of the Croatian Fire Brigade and fire protection.
Interestingly, a visit with pets is possible.

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Ul. Baruna Trenka 44, 42000, Varaždin


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
An extraordinary and interesting place that speaks of the sacrifice of Humans for each other. The museum has got full array of memorabilia of what fire fighting was and evolved to. i felt it was a nice informative tour and worth a visit to u derstand varazhdin.
The museum is master class. it has kept the history alive and I loved the way it showcased awards and the pictures taken over time. Wonderful.
The museum holds some of the ancient fire fighting equipment and the history is well detailed with rules and regulations clearly written. We enjoyed the tour and had some pictures taken.
We loved the old designs of the fire fighting vehicles, uniforms and the history behind them. It was also well organized and the lighting was perfect.
Firefighting mission keeps changing and evolving. I got a chance to visit this place i was surprised to see how far we have come. Their ancient to modern collection blew my mind away.
I enjoyed seeing the traditional fire fighting equipments used by the early Croatian Fire fighters. I really appreciated how technology has revolutionized this area and made work easier for the moder fire fighters.
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