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On the northern edge of the historic center of Varazhdin is the castle Old Town, which is dug from the city and surrounded by walls. There used to be cannons on the ramparts, and the walls are up to 2.5 m thick in places. Inside the Old Town there is a Renaissance aristocratic palace. Numerous owners have changed, adapting it to their needs and desires, and it has been constantly being built and upgraded from the 13th to the 19th century. Today, the Varazhdin City Museum is located throughout the Old Town. The Varazhdin City Museum was founded at the instigation of the Varazhdin Museum Society, and was ceremoniously opened to visitors in 1925, in only a few rooms of the Old Town. The original exhibition consisted of objects that arrived at the newly opened museum, mostly as donations from famous Varazhdin families.

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Šetalište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 1, 42000, Varaždin


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very good!!!
Nice furnished castle with a museum that we had the opportunity to have a tour and love it. A walk around the fortress was also refreshing and enjoyed our trip to the castle.
Was enchanted by the creative vibes of uniquely designed pubs and cafes.I met very kind friendly people some of whom we exchanged contacts for further communications
I was amazed by clean and amazing water near the Castle old Town. A good place well conserved.
The architectural features of this castle charmed me. Its old nature is still intact, it clearly shows the kind of quality work and effort that was put during its construction. There are a lot of team building games to take part in.
The coniferous trees offer the old town the natural beauty. Our private tour to varazhdin was exceptional. A great nature.
We were able to visit the town landmarks and have a wonderful photo session with the locals. We also tried out the dishes which were very delicious
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