The Church of the Nativity


The Church of the Nativity in Varazhdin was built on the initiative of the Ursulines of the Roman Union (a sisterhood of the Order of St. Ursula). Due to the lack of funds and their own lack of means, they were only able to order the building of a little wooden church, also known as ‘ecclessiola’.

According to stories, one of the Zagreb canons at the time, upon visiting the Ursulines, pledged a donation towards the building of a sturdier church. Together with the dowry money of one of the Ursuline sisters, the building of the Nativity church commenced in 1722. The construction was completed in 1729 and the church was consecrated in 1750, once the interior of the church was finalized. The church is a part of a larger monastery complex, with a bell tower forty meter tall, adorned with a copper arch. The church facade is decorated with statues of St. John of Nepomuk, St. Francis Xavier and two angel statues. One of the niches holds a fresco of St. Ursula and the other the statue of St. Augustine.

The only part of the wooden Baroque altar remaining is the painting representing the birth of Jesus, presumed to have been done by the painter Franz Flurer in 1739.

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Uršulinska ul. 3, 42000, Varaždin


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